A Walk Through Fashion History

DRAMA, COMEDY AND A LOOK BACKSTAGE. The story line is based on dialogues between the models and photographers, beauty artists, art directors, editors and agents who are excellent raconteurs. These fashion insiders , who have a passion to leave a living legacy to future generations, know that these stories must be told while the participants or... Continue Reading →

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Supermodel Dayle Haddon

Why Vanity Fair Nominates Model and Actress Dayle Haddon to the Hall of Fame Because she is making a bigger, more beautiful impact in her second act. Because she isn’t letting her former employers in the beauty industry off the hook when it comes to caring about women. Because . . . Read more at Vanity Fair

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Cheryl Teigs

About I Am Waters
Our Mission Statement
The I Am Waters Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas dedicated to providing fresh, clean water to the homeless. Our goal is to enrich the lives of America’s homeless by providing a continuous source of fresh, clean bottled water, delivered with a daily, inspirational message of hope, love and a sense of belonging to the greater community.

I Am Waters distributes its bottled water to the homeless through partnerships and strategic alliances with existing homeless organizations, shelters, and churches that already have a distribution network or facilities serving the homeless.

Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg and Elena Davis

Daily Mail features I Am Waters TODAY Show Appearance Daily Mail highlights I AM WATERS appearance on the Today Show, quoting guests Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg and Elena Davis. Daily Mail: Eighties Supermodels Then And Now – Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg, and Elena Davis The term 'supermodel' has come under scrutiny lately as a word... Continue Reading →

Sara Ziff and The Model Alliance

The Model Alliance stands with the brave individuals who have come forward to share their stories and with all survivors of sexual harassment and abuse. Sexual harassment, abuse, and assault have no place in the creative process, and should not be excused this way. No person should tolerate any sort of unwanted or inappropriate conduct,... Continue Reading →

Super Role Models Against Addiction

Super Role Models Website SUPEROLEMODELS ARE FASHION MODELS WHO PROVIDE INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP CONSULTATIONS,WORKSHOPS & EVENTS TO MODELS  FOR A HEALTHY & BALANCED LIFE   Our SupeRoleModel team is the home of a powerful modeling community united to help, support & inspire you. We would like to engage and assist you with whatever you need in your... Continue Reading →

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