Sara Ziff and The Model Alliance

The Model Alliance stands with the brave individuals who have come forward to share their stories and with all survivors of sexual harassment and abuse. Sexual harassment, abuse, and assault have no place in the creative process, and should not be excused this way. No person should tolerate any sort of unwanted or inappropriate conduct, nor should our industry.

“Our community occupies a powerful platform to campaign for transformative change. Models are some of the most visible workers in the world, and the multi-national companies we represent have a disproportional impact on public health, our environment, and working people’s lives.

To effect change, we all need to have a voice in our work. That voice can take many forms, from industry surveys to committees and campaigns. From creating protections for models from workplace sexual harassment and pressures to engage in starvation dieting, to calling for transparency and accountability across global supply chains, we need to inject a labor consciousness into fashion. The Model Alliance aims to lead this effort.”

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