Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg and Elena Davis


Daily Mail features I Am Waters TODAY Show Appearance
Daily Mail highlights I AM WATERS appearance on the Today Show, quoting guests Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg and Elena Davis.

Daily Mail: Eighties Supermodels Then And Now – Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg, and Elena Davis
The term ‘supermodel’ has come under scrutiny lately as a word too often tossed around to describe a various caliber of models. However among the first women to be deemed supermodels in the Eighties, Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg, and Elena Davis, have spoken about the vast differences between the industry they knew 30 years ago when they first graced the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, compared to the modelling industry today.

‘You have to be a model and multifaceted, but there’s not a lot of ways for a model to be multifaceted because the actresses took all the covers.’
The women believe that to become a successful model, whether it was 30 years ago or today, having business administration skills is essential.

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