A Walk Through Fashion History

The story line is based on dialogues between the models and photographers, beauty artists, art directors, editors and agents who are excellent raconteurs. These fashion insiders , who have a passion to leave a living legacy to future generations, know that these stories must be told while the participants or their offspring and peers are still alive to be interviewed.

Top Models – Actors – Photographers – Designers – Beauty Artists – Art Directors – Editors – Agents

Their Lives – Their Muses – Their Peers – Their Iconic Photos

A distinctive look into the exclusive worlds of Fashion and Beauty and their influence on the historical, social and political changes over the past decades
  • There have been a number of fashion models whose iconic beauty and style have made them classic Fashion and Beauty Icons.
  • Since the early days of fashion and photography, the images of great beauties have graced the pages of the world’s most widely read fashion magazines, appearing in major ads and international cosmetic campaigns.
  • Recently more and more interest is being taken in classic ‘Old School’ design and artistic expression.
  • Creative young people are looking for mentors who can help them find their own originality.  They want to learn about fashion, beauty and design by the people who were there in the sixties, seventies and the eighties when the greatest fashion photography and most innovative hair and beauty styles and the most outstanding examples of originality and creativity took place.
Past and present experts of the fashion and beauty industries are joining forces to create a living legacy in a documentary series to be shot in a talk show format.
  • Series hosts, panel members and distinguished guests will consist of significant models, actors, photographers, hair and make-up artists, art directors, editors, writers, designers, manufacturers and other industry experts.
  • These eye witnesses to the creation of some of the most innovative and creative moments of fashion history can tell the real story behind the creation of iconic photographs and designs.
  • There has been enthusiastic response from models, photographers and others who would like to have some control of how their iconic images are remembered and credited.
  • With the plethora of retro images flooding the web many photos go unaccredited and misidentified,.these stories and images shared by the participants are a valuable oral history and digital preservation of their legacies.
  • Exclusive interviews are scheduled with the friends, children and business associates of the Fashion and Beauty Icons who are profiled, as well as the Fashion and Beauty Icons themselves who are available to be interviewed today.
  • Many of the models remain vital, beautiful and interesting in their 50s, 60s, 70s and even a few in their 80s.
  • These people lived lives of incredible glamour and beauty creating pictures that have become Iconic.
  • They narrate the stories of their struggles to make it with rags to riches stories, overnight successes, overcoming of addictions, suicides, triumphs, tragedies and some living happily ever after.
  • This sweeping tribute to the history of Fashion and Beauty will be an ongoing educational and entertaining series covering the History of Fashion and Beauty as told by those who lived it.
  • These great beauties were Muses to the creative teams around them including legendary editors, master photographers, talented beauty artist, and visionary art directors and manufacturers who played an important part in the history of fashion.
  • Special attention is paid to the cosmetics industry and other related industries which revolve around Fashion and Beauty. The contributions of so many people from so many countries are unforgettable and they need to remember throughout history.