Supermodels Charity Foundation

photo of people watching a concert

The first annual Supermodel’s Hall of Fame Show Honors the Luminaries of Modeling Industry.

This includes men and women who, by not only their physical attractiveness but also their talent, business acumen, and social awareness, have helped create the modern, multi-billion-dollar fashion industry and contributed to the advancement of women in society.

Besides the Female Supermodels, Male Supermodels who have made significant contributions to the fashion industry, and worthy causes will be honored.

The event will take place in New York City, the epicenter of the fashion industry. 

The city welcomes the show because it honors one of New York’s most significant industries, and our presence in The Big Apple will immediately put the show on the national media radar.

In the style of the Golden Globes, the show will follow a sit-down dinner at a glamorous, high- profile venue such as the Plaza Hotel. 

Various multi-billion dollar brands will sponsor the evening – everything from clothing to cosmetics to print media, most of which are headquartered in New York.

These brands, as well as the Supermodels and various other celebrities, will also host tables at the event, and the money paid for each seat will go to multiple female-oriented charities. 

In addition, the producers will give a percentage of all revenues to a charity to be announced. 

Our goal is to create an annual media event on the level of other major awards shows that will also stand as an aspirational milestone for everyone involved in the fashion industry and to preserve the history of fashion and modeling.