Awards and Recognition Committee

The Supermodels Hall of Fame Awards and Recognition Committee is an online panel of international modeling industry experts and the advisory board for our forthcoming television special, the 2020 Supermodels Hall of Fame Awards, in development now.

Supermodel Honors

The Awards and Recognition Committee will help select the first iconic Supermodels for induction into the 2020 Supermodels Hall of Fame. 

The first group of Honorees will include the most influential living fashion models who achieved renown between 1959 – 1999 and are household names who can attract a wide audience. 

Each final selection will be made by the SHF Awards and Recognition Committee and approved by our television production team.

Oral History

We are honored by their participation in “Models Who Have Shaped Fashion History,” a content-rich narrative and pictorial anthology of 100 fashion models who have demonstrable influence and significance within the modeling and fashion industries.

Our official website,, (in Development) will act as a content-rich ongoing extension of the television special.  It will include exclusive content such as blogs by the models and other industry experts.



Linda Morand – Founder

In the late Sixties and Early Seventies, Supermodels Hall of Fame founder Linda Morand was a top Ford model and fashion icon, notorious for her uncanny resemblance to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.  She appeared in several iconic images, which are still relevant today. She worked with Pierre Cardin, Karl Lagerfeld, Helmut Newton, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, Harper’s Bazaar, and many top photographers and designers.

In 2006, she founded the website Supermodels Hall of, spearheading a lively group of industry insiders that include top models, photographers, beauty artists, agents, and the leading fashion archivists in the world.

For the past fifteen years, this consortium of industry insiders from the 60s to the 80s has identified, cataloged, and archived their legendary photographs and stories.  Scores of long-lost fashion industry friends from the 60s, 70s, and 80s have been reunited, forming a private e-community with a lively discussion group of peers and like-minded people.

The group’s efforts have inspired museum exhibits, books, documentaries, magazine layouts, and websites and have sparked the interest of Executive Producers to create a Television Special and video content for the  INTERACTIVE website.

people gathering near stage with fireworks



Supermodels Charity Foundation

photo of people watching a concert

The first annual Supermodel’s Hall of Fame Show Honors the Luminaries of Modeling Industry.

This includes men and women who, by not only their physical attractiveness but also their talent, business acumen, and social awareness, have helped create the modern, multi-billion-dollar fashion industry and contributed to the advancement of women in society.

Besides the Female Supermodels, Male Supermodels who have made significant contributions to the fashion industry, and worthy causes will be honored.

The event will take place in New York City, the epicenter of the fashion industry. 

The city welcomes the show because it honors one of New York’s most significant industries, and our presence in The Big Apple will immediately put the show on the national media radar.

In the style of the Golden Globes, the show will follow a sit-down dinner at a glamorous, high- profile venue such as the Plaza Hotel. 

Various multi-billion dollar brands will sponsor the evening – everything from clothing to cosmetics to print media, most of which are headquartered in New York.

These brands, as well as the Supermodels and various other celebrities, will also host tables at the event, and the money paid for each seat will go to multiple female-oriented charities. 

In addition, the producers will give a percentage of all revenues to a charity to be announced. 

Our goal is to create an annual media event on the level of other major awards shows that will also stand as an aspirational milestone for everyone involved in the fashion industry and to preserve the history of fashion and modeling.


Executive Producers


Joey Hunter

Executive Producer

A legend in the fashion industry, Joey Hunter was a co-president of Ford Model Management, one of the world’s most prestigious modeling agencies.  While at Ford, Mr. Hunter and his partners coined the term “Supermodel.”  He was also previously the president of the International Model Management Association, a position he held for over ten years.  Given his knowledge and expertise, he is one of the modeling industry’s most sought after consultants. He is also well known for having negotiated lucrative television and print contracts for numerous Ford Supermodels.

Mr. Hunter has represented and managed the careers of legendary models such as Cheryl Tiegs, Lauren Hutton, Christy Turlington, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Connelly, Vendela, Rachel Hunter, Elle MacPherson, Kelly Lebrock, Christie Brinkley, Naomi Campbell, and Willow Bay.  Mr. Hunter was the first to establish the licensing and branding of products for Supermodels such as Elle MacPherson and Christie Brinkley.  He has been a pioneer in setting innovative industry standards for modeling contracts regarding fee structuring, residuals, and for the usage of pictures.


Tony Spinelli

Executive Producer

As one of the most successful male models of all time, Tony Spinelli has been photographed by Avedon, Hiro, Scavullo, Penn, Weber, Newton, Toscani, etc. in addition to walking the runways all over the world. He has worked with designers such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Armani, Alexander Julian, and many more. He has been on many covers, including on the cover of GQ magazine twice and as the first man on the cover of Men’s Vogue. He has represented Halston both on and off the runway for years including “The ‘Round the World Trip to China” in the ’80s.

During his long career, he has had photos published both in books and displayed in museums, and he has shot several T.V. commercials as well. Mr. Spinelli is presently resuming his career after a 17-year hiatus. He currently lives in Easton, CT – about one hour and twenty minutes outside New York City.


Jefferson A. Bootes

Executive Producer

Jefferson Bootes is a 25-year veteran of the mining industry.  Mr. Bootes has extensive professional experience with Merger and Acquisitions, executive level management, development and implementation of business plans, securing funding, seeking out and forming strategic partnerships, as well as a distinguished history with foreign affairs and trade.

Mr. Bootes’ knowledge and experience and his many contacts in media and venture capital make him an invaluable partner in this project.  His responsibilities include project funding and strategic partnerships.